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Waterbury Neighborhood Council In The News

Neighbors rail against blight

September 18, 2011

Hillside sites raise worries

Neglect, bad real estate investments and a lease agreement with a religious sect that has remained controversial for 10 years have led to the blighted decline of a neighborhood that was once one of the toniest sections of Waterbury, neighbors complain.

The city’s Hillside neighbor-hood is where super-rich industrial magnates built their grand mansions. It’s also home to many historic houses, including a number of Victorians.

But some homeowners there say that while they work hard to take care of their own properties, others have let their homes — and the entire neighborhood — crumble.

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March 28, 2011


It’s often said that Waterbury’s heart beats in its network of neighborhoods — each one unique, each home to people who invested their money and their dreams into the areas they would raise their families.

But for some, signs and symptoms of urban decay are raising doubts whether those investments were worthwhile.

It’s not just the nationwide housing slump that they say is bringing their property values down or cutting into what they can charge for rent. It’s the rooming house on the corner, the boarded-up Victorian next door, the pile of old tires on the neighbor’s lawn, the drug deals and car break-ins that happen right out in the open.

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Neighborhood Council awards dinner 2010

November 21, 2010

Neighborhood Council holds Christmas dinner

January 10, 2010

Waterbury rallies to take out trash

June 28, 2009

Marchers protest garbage-to-energy plant proposal

A feisty cross-section of residents rallied from Grand Street to South Main Street on Saturday shouting chants they wanted heard all the way to Hartford.

“Gov. Rell, no smell,” said Steve Schrag, broadcasting his voice through a bullhorn. From the crowd, another male voice could be heard “Gov. Rell, go to hell.”

Those words were meant to sting government officials to make it clear that the Massachusetts-based Chestnut Hill BioEnergy’s proposal to put a food waste-to-energy plant at the former Anamet plant on South Main Street is not wanted in Waterbury.

Among the crowd of 60 or more people were representatives of large churches, civic organizations, neighborhood groups, cultural groups, businesses, civil rights, as well as local and state politicians standing together arm-in-arm, pledging to fight Chestnut Hill’s plan that would bring upward of 600 tons of garbage a day to the plant six days a week.

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Rally planned to protest energy plant

June 27, 2009

Opponents of a proposed food waste-to-energy plant will hold a rally today to protest plans to build the plant in an old factory in the South End.

For days, opponents have knocked on doors in all corners of the city, warning residents that the plant would bring 625 tons of garbage a day to Waterbury.

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Neighborhood Council awards dinner 2008

November 2, 2008

Neighborhood Council adopts a Waterbury site

October 9, 2008

A traffic island in Waterbury was adopted by the Waterbury Neighborhood Council, and group members recently met at the intersection of Bank and South Main streets to clean, plant and beautify the large island directly in front of the Apothecary Corner building.

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Plant concessions end all opposition from its neighbors

August 27, 2008

Activists have agreed to end months of bitter opposition to a $120 million power plant proposed for the city center in return for $900,000 worth of local health initiatives and other concessions meant to minimize pollution.

Neighborhood groups and their allies finalized the agreement with FirstLight Power Resources of Hartford on Tuesday.

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Neighborhood activists seek plant agreement

August 16, 2008

Negotiations are under way that could end the intense opposition of neighborhood groups to a $120 million power plant proposed along Washington Avenue, near the city center.

Activists charge that plant emissions could prove a serious health hazard.

FirstLight Power Resources describes its natural-gas-to-electricity turbine as the cleanest fossil-fuel plant in the state, and not at all harmful to health.

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Dash of fire and chili

July 30, 2008

A winning recipe for a good time in Waterbury

They didn’t have to unfurl any fire hoses to douse suffering tongues, but the Five Alarm Chili Tasting at Waterbury’s Waterville Fire House proved a hot time for a few hundred people Sunday.

The event, hosted by the Waterbury Neighborhood Council and the Waterbury Firemen’s Historical Society, pitted those from local restaurants and fire brigades against each other in an attempt to concoct the best-tasting chili. Submissions ranged from shredded chicken to corn-laced varieties.

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Opponents of power plant file petitions

June 10, 2008

Waterbury residents will be given their hearing in Hartford

Opponents of a plan to build a $120 million power plant in the city center have submitted petitions needed to trigger a hearing at the state Department of Environmental Protection.

FirstLight Power Resources of Hartford hopes to start a new electricity generating station in Waterbury by July 2009. It has already collected a permit from the state Siting Council. The company still needs an air quality permit from the DEP.

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Waterbury neighborhoods want new look at power plant

March 23, 2008

A coalition of Waterbury neighborhoods has asked the Connecticut Siting Council to reopen its hearing on a proposed power plant in the city’s South End.

The request by Dennis Buckley, who represents Waterbury Neighborhood Groups, was based on series of letters submitted to the Connecticut Siting Council by FirstLight Power Resources, a Hartford-based company that seeks to build a 96-megawatt power plant on Washington Avenue, and Connecticut Light & Power.

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Neighborhood groups plan to oppose power plant in South End

January 7, 2008

Several neighborhood groups are lining up to oppose a $120 million power plant proposed for Washington Avenue when state hearings open this week.

FirstLight Power Re-sources plans to build a 96-megawatt plant along Washington Avenue, in a run-down industrial area near the city center. Officials hope to have it on line by summer 2009.

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