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What is the Waterbury Neighborhood Council?

It is the belief of the Waterbury Neighborhood Council that active citizen participation and involvement in city government and the issues that affect the quality of life in Waterbury is an essential step in the preservation of our neighborhoods and the revitalization of Waterbury, Connecticut.

The Council strives to encourage citizen involvement in both neighborhood and city issues, to strengthen existing neighborhood organizations, and to foster the creation of new ones.

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  • October 12, 2018 2:47 PM | Justin Meadows (Administrator)

    City Awardees

    Frank Monteiro: For his continued support for the Multiple Sclerosis Society, The United Way, and by his volunteer work with many other organizations.

    Harold Webster Smith Foundation: For their tireless and financial support for the Hillside neighborhood and the efforts to make Waterbury a better place to live.

    Peter Morgan: A detective with the Waterbury Police Department through his continued efforts keeps the youth in Waterbury and the surroundings areas safe.

    Steven Schrag: For his continued efforts to keep our environment safe in the city of Waterbury.

    Mattatuck Drum Band: For being the oldest fife and drum band in the United States and celebrating over 250 years of service.

    State Representative Stephanie Cummings: For her continued support of the youth and volunteer work in many local organizations.

    State Representative Larry Butler: For being an Environmental Champion for the neighborhoods in the city of Waterbury.

    State Representative Geraldo Reyes: For being an Environmental Champion for the neighborhoods in the city of Waterbury.

    Good Neighbor Awards

    Arlington Heights Neighborhood Association:

    The Ungroup Society: For their continued clothing drives and their support for the Arlington Heights Neighborhood and city of Waterbury.

    Brooklyn Neighborhood Association/ NRZ: 

    Dr. Patricia Frageau for her continued support for the youth of Duggan school, the Brooklyn neighborhood, and city of Waterbury.

    Bouley Manor Neighborhood Association:

    4 Honorees: Patricia ODea, Shyley Classey, Vidya Ramnath, Doreth Shand: For their efforts to make Bouley Manor a better place to live and their work in different adopt a spots in the city of Waterbury.

    Bunker Hill Neighborhood Association: 

    Gail Girch: For her continued support for the Bunker Hill neighborhood and the city of Waterbury.

    Crownbrook Neighborhood Association:

    Gregory Knight: For his continued support of the Crownbrook neighborhood and the city of Waterbury.

    Gilmartin Community Club:

    Catherine Dwyer: A music teacher at Gilmartin School who instills the love of music to her students on a daily basis.

    Hopeville Neighborhood Association:

    Vincent Caggiano: For helping to provide meals for the youth and families in the Hopeville Neighborhood.

    South End Neighborhood Association:

    Maria Rodriguez Gonzalez: For being a long time local business owner in the South End and supporting the neighborhood.

    Town Plot Neighborhood Association:

    Bill & Joan Wildman: For being long time local business owners and continued support of the neighborhoods and the city of Waterbury.

    Upper Fulton Park Neighborhood Association:

    Richard Perreault: For his continued support of the Upper Fulton Park neighborhood and city of Waterbury.

    Waterville Community Club:

    Michael Cervellino: For being a local business owner and his continued support for the Waterville neighborhood and city of Waterbury.

    Willow Plaza Neighborhood Association/NRZ:

    Officer Matthew Lemos: Waterbury Police Department Officer who works very hard to keep the Willow Plaza neighborhood safe along with the city of Waterbury.

    Walnut Orange Walsh Neighborhood (WOW):

    Gregory Hadley Sr. Posthumously: For his work as an alderman for the city of Waterbury and continued effort and support for the children and their families in the WOW neighborhood and the city of Waterbury.

  • September 29, 2018 5:07 PM | Justin Meadows (Administrator)

  • September 28, 2018 3:09 PM | Justin Meadows (Administrator)

    The Waterbury Neighborhood Council is proud to present its 19th Annual Awards dinner and 24th Anniversary Celebration on Thursday, October 25th, 2018 at La Bella Vista (Ponte Club), 380 Farmwood Road, Waterbury, Ct., with a cocktail hour and crudite's table, (cash bar) 6:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. followed by dinner and awards 7:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. A silent auction and raffles will take place during the evening.

    This annual celebration is to honor the many individuals and organizations that donate their time, effort and resources in shaping and affecting the quality of life in The City of Waterbury. The Waterbury Neighborhood Council supports active citizen participation and involvement in the issues that affect the preservation of every neighborhood and the revitalization of our city.

    The Council has chosen seven City Service Awardees to be honored for their volunteerism, philanthropy and generosity that they have displayed in The City of Waterbury.

    The city awardees that have given of themselves unselfishly are: Frank Monteiro, Harold Webster Smith Foundation, Rep. Stephanie Cummings, Waterbury Police Detective, Peter Morgan, Steve Schrag, Environmental Control Commission Chairman, Mattatuck Drum Corp., and Larry Butler and Geraldo Reyes Jr.- State Representatives and Environmental Champions. Each individual Neighborhood Association will choose a neighborhood awardee for their Good Neighbor Award.

    Tickets can be purchased for $50.00 per person by calling Mike Batista, 203-233-8464, or Elaine Denze, 203-755-5761. Tickets can also be purchased here. Advertising for the program book can be arranged by contacting Art Denze at 203-755-5761 or e-mail at aldenze@aol.com.

  • June 06, 2018 5:30 PM | Justin Meadows (Administrator)

  • June 01, 2018 3:42 PM | Justin Meadows (Administrator)

  • May 11, 2018 11:03 AM | Justin Meadows (Administrator)

  • April 20, 2018 6:15 PM | Justin Meadows (Administrator)

    Attention All Waterbury Residents And All Surrounding Cities and Towns

    Your Attendance Is Required At This Important Meeting

    Some of our concerns are:
    1) 140 garbage trucks per day times 210 days per year=29,000 garbage trucks per year with the increased pollution they bring 
    2) Odor control system-no specific existing sites have been given for us to check on effectiveness of system, chemical mixture is to be used without giving any actual ingredients 
    3) Trucks on highways facing traffic jams are likely to use neighborhood city streets to gain access to the site 
    4) Depending on only 6 statewide DEEP staff does not instill confidence of enforcement of laws and regulations 
    5) Waterbury Health Department has no odor control staff and will refer complaints to DEEP 
    6) Promises by company to do “self-audits” is depending on the fox to protect the chickens 
    7) F+G representatives told a “tall tale” about compliance with DEEP environmental justice regulations because according to DEEP staff they were not in compliance 
    8) With 3 workers killed on the job since the year 2000 if they cannot comply with OSHA why should we believe that they will follow EPA?
    9) The property has a very complicated corporate structure with 7 different LLCs which raises questions of accountability if something goes wrong 
    10) 29,000 trucks will increase wear, tear and damage on city streets with possible water pipe and street damage 

    Let’s think twice before we act to approve this project

    Waterbury Environmental Control Commission c / o City Clerk 235 Grand Street Courtyard Level Waterbury, CT 06702

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