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F&G Trash Transfer Station On Zoning Board Meeting Agenda

April 20, 2018 6:15 PM | Justin Meadows (Administrator)

Attention All Waterbury Residents And All Surrounding Cities and Towns

Your Attendance Is Required At This Important Meeting

Some of our concerns are:
1) 140 garbage trucks per day times 210 days per year=29,000 garbage trucks per year with the increased pollution they bring 
2) Odor control system-no specific existing sites have been given for us to check on effectiveness of system, chemical mixture is to be used without giving any actual ingredients 
3) Trucks on highways facing traffic jams are likely to use neighborhood city streets to gain access to the site 
4) Depending on only 6 statewide DEEP staff does not instill confidence of enforcement of laws and regulations 
5) Waterbury Health Department has no odor control staff and will refer complaints to DEEP 
6) Promises by company to do “self-audits” is depending on the fox to protect the chickens 
7) F+G representatives told a “tall tale” about compliance with DEEP environmental justice regulations because according to DEEP staff they were not in compliance 
8) With 3 workers killed on the job since the year 2000 if they cannot comply with OSHA why should we believe that they will follow EPA?
9) The property has a very complicated corporate structure with 7 different LLCs which raises questions of accountability if something goes wrong 
10) 29,000 trucks will increase wear, tear and damage on city streets with possible water pipe and street damage 

Let’s think twice before we act to approve this project

Waterbury Environmental Control Commission c / o City Clerk 235 Grand Street Courtyard Level Waterbury, CT 06702

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